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Are leaders born or are they made?

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Become a more effective leader of change in a public practice with this invaluable two-day online conference.

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In an environment where transformation is an imperative rather than an option, public practitioners are facing the challenged head on. 


But what does it take to successfully implement change? And what skills are needed to motivate and lead a team of people?

In our recent podcast series 'Shaping the Practice of Tomorrow', David Boyer FCA spoke with Cameron Schwab, Founder and CEO of designCEO.

The youngest CEO in the 160-year history of the AFL, Cameron believes the defining characteristic of every great team or organisation is leadership. 

He draws the distinction between 'doing' leadership and 'being' leadership and explains how successful innovators become part of change, rather than directing it. 

Cameron also emphasises that while some people may be born with leadership qualities, the desire to lead is far more important than natural talent and that on-going learning is the key to success.

Dive deeper at the Practice Power Up Conference

To help accountants steer their practice into the industry of tomorrow, leadership will be in sharp focus at our upcoming Practice Power Up Conference 2021.

This two-day online event provides clear perspectives, actionable steps and practical advice from leading practitioners and subject matter experts.

The curated content offers invaluable insights into ways that leaders can engage their team, motivate employees to share their vision and create an environment where people are inspired do their best work.

Through real life examples, the sessions also present tangible techniques to identify outdated processes, prioritise objectives and set a realistic agenda for transformation. 

Importantly, it also explains how to monitor and nurture the wellbeing of your staff and how to build a high-performance culture from a healthy work environment.

More ways to power up your practice 

The Practice Power Up Conference 2021 covers a whole range of topics that can help a modern accounting practice prepare for the future. 

The 18 informative sessions cover three key areas: 

Leadership and staff wellbeing - with tips on increasing team performance, being an effective catalyst for change and the skills necessary for tomorrow's industry. 

Operations - including topics such as efficiency, marketing, compliance, cyber security, automation and data analytics.

Firm strategy - offering practical advice on how to plan for the future, implement new pricing models and select the right technology tools. 

Learn effective ways to lead your practice into the accounting profession of tomorrow.




Are leaders born or are they made?
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